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  • thyssenkrupp Steel Europe
  • Central Company Location: Duisburg , North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Four blast furnaces produce every day more than 30,000 tons of pig iron
  • 12 million tons of high quality steel per year
  • 19500 people – as many as live in a small town
  • 9 sqkm factory premises – five times larger than Monaco


Context of Use:
and Repair for climate and electricity

  • Cast. about 200 employees
  • Responsibility for several thousand air conditioners and fuse boxes to maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Heating, air conditioning and sanitary engineering for office buildings, manufacturing facilities and cranes


  • Issues are reported offline and in various formats
  • Routes to the location of issues and required safety regulations are often unknown or difficult to find
  • Missing information on-site (history of the plant/ equipment)
  • procuring spare parts
  • Ill-structured tasks and information, error-prone (and thus frustrating) work

Room for improvement

  • Increased autonomy
  • More reliable decision making
  • Lower downtimes due to machine defects
  • Faster decision making and reaction time
  • Better individual and collaborative problem-solving
  • Increased participation/involvement

Potential benefits

  • Faster maintenance
  • Increased quality & traceability of mobile maintenance
  • Easier & faster access to relevant information in different contexts for maintenance workers
  • Increased participation of maintenance workers and thus possibility of contribution to innovation in their field
  • Higher Performance

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